If you want to get strong fast, come out to Grit Fitness! Stryder and Kimberly have done more for my fitness in the last two months than any other gym I have been to in the last 3 years.
Nick M. – Aumsville, Oregon
The trainers are personable, patient, listen and are 100% OUTSTANDING! Not only did they go over each exercise before class started, they showed me the "move" each of the countless times I forgot, hey I'm a newbie! I've done yoga, kick boxing, dvds, and group classes at gyms, and I would rank "Grit Fitness" #1 and the trainers above that. AMAZING! Absolutely extraordinary! Truly! If you are someone who doesn't workout and wants to get started you have to choose Grit Fitness. If you do workout you still should choose Grit Fitness! I don't give good reviews often (if ever) and Grit is gold star!
Daneka H. – Salem, Oregon
I started going to Grit Fitness with my son. Kimmy and Stryder are amazing! Kimmy gave me a low impact workout I can do with my bad back and Stryder gave my son a great workout he can do with his bad knee. They make a workout for you as an individual, they are truly amazing!
Laurie C. – Salem, Oregon
Everyone is super nice and welcoming not to mention incredibly knowledgeable! Great place to get your sweat on!
Sara M. – Salem, Oregon